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Moving to Country-Tyme Web Hosting

Switching to Country-Tyme can be a very easy process.  Just follow our tutorial.

The first step in moving to Country-Tyme is to make sure that you do not cancel your account with your old hosting provider.  Do not cancel until your website has migrated to us (this will mean zero downtime).

You should now have two hosting providers, us and your current provider.  Next, upload your entire site from the old host to our server through FTP; don't forget to restore mysql databases through cpanel or phpmyadmin.

After you have uploaded all of your files to our servers, you will need to change your domain name dns.
      DNS usually looks like this:

Obtain the Primary and Secondary nameserver details from your new web host.  Go to your domain registrar’s site (the site from which you registered the domain name) and login into your control panel, offered by most of the domain registrars, to maintain your domain name.  In the control panel, look for the ‘DNS’, ‘Nameserver’ or ‘Delegation’ option and add the new nameserver details (obtained from your new host).  Do not delete the existing nameservers yet.

Once your dns changes have been made, you will need to wait 12 to 48 hours before your site resolves to Country-Tyme and to leave your old host.  During this two day period, your dns is prorogating world wide, and your site will be bouncing from the old host to the new host.  Don't forget to check your email and web stats at both accounts.   After 48 hours have passed, your domain should now be resolving to Country-Tyme.  Once you are sure that everything has been moved properly and checked that all databases, email...are working properly, you can contact your old host and cancel your account.   At this time, you should also log back into your domain registrar account and delete the old nameservers only.

If you have any questions, please contact our Sales department and we'll be more than happy to help you out.