Creating Folders & Changing Permissions

To create a new directory on your website, click for a "New Folder" or "MkDir" button. You will be prompted to enter a name for the new directory. Once you do this, the new ... View

How to use MS FrontPage to manage your Website

MS Frontpage has multiple ways of keeping your site updated, and we suggest using the FTP method since it is more secure than the HTTP method. Here's how: Attempt to Publish your Website and in the ... View

Setting up your FTP program

Enclosed in your welcome letter, you will find the information needed in order to FTP into your website. Look for a place to enter your settings in your FTP program, and use the following: - Host ... View

Uploading/Downloading Files

Your ftp program has a setting called "Binary" and "ASCII". It is very important to transfer images in Binary mode. Everything else, HTML documents, php, cgi scripts etc. should be ... View

What is FTP?

FTP is the short form for File Transfer Protocol. It is the most popular method used by those who need to move files from their personal computer to a web server for display on a website.To transfer a ... View

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