Backup Wizard

The Backup Wizard is a user-friendly interface for creating a backup of the entire site, a partial backup, or allowing a site restoration from the last backup saved. This tool may be useful to new ... View


The Backups area provides a basic interface for downloading and storing all or some of the website’s files, databases, forwarders and filters. This tool may be useful for more experienced users ... View

Disk Space Usage

This function shows you information about the available free space for your website. At the top of the main screen is a graph displaying the basic disk usage information by directory in Megabytes, ... View

File Manager

The File Manager is cPanel’s built-in web application for managing and manipulating your website’s files from your personal computer. Most users will feel comfortable using this file ... View

FTP Accounts

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is another method of website file management. cPanel comes complete with an FTP server that is pre-configured and easy to use. To begin using FTP, you need ... View

Legacy File Manger

The Legacy File Manager offers file manipulation options in an older web-based interface. Users already familiar with an older version of cPanel’s File Manager may find the Legacy File Manager ... View

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