Adding & Managing Packages

A hosting package is a set of options and features that define a hosting account. Having different packages means you can offer different types of hosting accounts based on their features. For ... View

Feature Manager

The Feature Manager option allows you to specify what features are available inside the cPanel of your accounts. This way you can control what features your hosting packages have, which in turn will ... View

Initial Login and a Quick Tour

In order to access your WHM, you need to add /whm after your domain name (provided the domain is pointed to your reseller account with us). So, for example, if your site is, you will be ... View

Managing Accounts

Account Functions is probably the WHM section you will use the most as this is where the actual hosting accounts management takes place. Let's go through the options here quickly and explain briefly ... View

Managing DNS Zones

As the name of the section suggests, from here you will be able to manage the DNS of all domains hosted on your resller account. You will be able to manage the DNS zones of your domains, as well as ... View

Managing Softaculous

Softaculous is a script auto installer that offers more than 250 applications for easy and quick installation. The Softaculous team regularly updates all available applications so you and your ... View

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